About Wakayama Marina City

About Wakayama Marina City
Close to the Kansai International Airport!!!

Approx. 40min by car from Kansai Airport! A popular seaside region in the Kansai area of Japan.

Wakayama Marina City is located approximately 40 minutes from Kansai International Airport and 70 minutes from Osaka by either car or bus. This island resort enjoys expansive ocean views and is home to a number of popular sightseeing spots. At “Kuroshio Market,” you can eat and purchase fresh Japanese seafood, while in “Porto Europe”, you’ll find reproductions of classic European architectural styles. “Kinokuni Fruits Village,” is the perfect place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables harvested at local farms, “Wakayama Marina City Hotel” is fully equipped with ocean-view rooms, and “Kishu Kuroshio Onsen” is a hot spring with water pumped from 1500m below sea level.

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Guests can enjoy watching a whole tuna preparation show!
・The freshly-caught tuna will be prepared in front of guests at 12:30 every day.
Enjoy fresh seafood!
Fresh and kippered fish, along with sea urchin, salmon roes and other seafood can be enjoyed in various ways; seafood barbecue, sushi or seafood rice bowl.
There are many shops and restaurants inside the market where you can enjoy this bounty of the sea.

  • Point.2  A theme park which offers a full reproduction image of Europe

    Porto Europe enables our guests to feel as though they are walking the streets of France, Italy and Spain.
    There are beautiful spots for photos as well as a thrilling roller coaster ride and other amusement attractions.

  • Point.3  Fresh local fruits and vegetables are available.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables abundantly harvested at well-known local farms in Wakayama are available at reasonable prices.

  • Point.4  Bathe in a hot spring with a paramount view of the sea!

    An onsen (hot-spring) facility which utilizes the hot water found 1500m below the sea. Revitalize your mind and body while savouring the cool ocean breeze of the outdoor bath or the panoramic view of the large inside bath.

  • Point.5  A moment of relaxation with a magnificent ocean view from your room.

    Adjacent to the yacht harbor, Wakayama Marina City Hotel offers a taste of luxury. All rooms are equipped with an ocean view.

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