Kinokuni Fruit Village

About Kinokuni Fruit Village

Kinokuni Fruit Village

Here you can buy fresh local Wakayama fruits and vegetables at great prices. We also have shops which sell healthy tofu dishes, ice-cream made with milk from the Kurosawa ranch, and a sweet shop which serves, among other confections, it’s own original rolled cake.

Kinokuni Fruits Village (video)


  • Fruits, Vegetables, Specialty Products

    Fruits, Vegetables, Specialty Products

    We sell naturally-grown seasonal fruits, vegetables and rice! Our products come directly from local producers, and as a result, they are both fresh and reasonably priced. We also have a wide variety of Wakayama's original local specialities.

  • Touka

    Handmade Tofu and Dried Bean Curd Shop, “Touka”

    Come savour our healthy menu of handmade tofu and soy milk-based foods.

  • Kurosawa Ranch

    Kurosawa Ranch

    Drop in and try our delicious ice-cream made with fresh milk from the Kurosawa ranch.

  • Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop

    “Wasanbon”, a high-quality sugar, was introduced by Tokugawa Yoshimune (1684~1751) as part of his policy to encourage domestic production. It is now being utilized as an ingredient in sponges and custard creams to achieve the elegant flavor of the popular “Kinokuni Rolls.”
    The curry produced by Royal Pines Group can be also purchased here.

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