Kuroshio Ichiba

Kuroshio Ichiba (Shopping)

Fresh Seafood

The very best, freshly-caught fatty tuna will be prepared in front of guests and made into sushi for sale.
»A whole tuna preparation show can also be viewed here.

In addition, you can buy abalone, lobster, turban shells, scallops, sea urchin, salmon roe and a vast variety of other seafood. Fresh seafood that has been bought can be prepared and served for free right then and there.


Including both homemade food and Wakayama Prefecture’s famous dried fish, we also sell salted firefly squid and rock seaweed. These items are best for souvenirs as they don’t spoil quickly.

  • Tuna Shop

    Tuna Shop

    Including the freshly-caught tuna from the port of Katsuura in Wakayama Prefecture, we also get all kinds of seasonal tuna directly sent from fishing ports across Japan. The spot sale of a freshly-cut tuna is also very impressive.

  • Dried Fish &Various Seafood Shop

    Dried Fish & Various Seafood Shop

    Along with Wakayama Prefecture’s famous dried fish, we also have homemade dishes and other unique seafood dishes, that have been carefully selected and displayed from one end to another by the storekeeper.

  • Fish Shop

    Fish Shop

    Although the main focus is on local seasonal fish from Wakayama Prefecture, fish from across Japan is also featured here. We recommend the sea urchin and salmon roe from Hokkaido.

  • Live Fish Shop

    Live Fish Shop

    This is a shop known for providing a vast variety of seafood such as abalone, lobster, turban shell and scallops.

  • The shop that sells sashimi and frozen raw fish

    Shop for Sashimi and Frozen Raw Fish

    A huge variety of frozen seafood such as crabs and shrimps is available.

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