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Freshly prepared food for sale! "Tuna Cutting Show" held every day from 12:30

What kind of place is Kuroshio Market?

Enjoy fresh fish, meat, vegetables and more on the grill.

The Kuroshio Market is a well-known fish market where you can eat and buy fresh Japanese fish. It is also a very popular spot among foreign tourists.

Guests can enjoy watching a whole “Tuna Cutting Show”a rare sight in Japan. There are seafood barbecue restaurants as well as Japanese restaurants which serve fresh seafood. In addition, you can also buy fresh tuna and various seafood products to take away with you.

Please do drop by the market while you are visiting the Kansai area.

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Highlights of Kuroshio Market

Freshly prepared food for sale! "Tuna Cutting Show" held every day from 12:30

Product sales corner

Fresh seafood and specialty products unique to the market are plentiful!

Starting with the freshly cut tuna that was dismantled at the “Tuna Cutting Show”, Fresh and live fish from all over Japan, dried fish and delicacies, We have a wide selection of carefully selected seafood.

Please enjoy seasonal seafood unique to the market at home.

Product sales corner

Maguro Daikaiya

Including the freshly-caught tuna from the port of Katsuura in Wakayama Prefecture, we also get all kinds of seasonal tuna directly sent from fishing ports across Japan. The spot sale of a freshly-cut tuna is also very impressive.

Mifune Suisan

A huge variety of frozen seafood such as crabs and shrimps is available.

Iwanami Fresh Fish Shop

Although the main focus is on local seasonal fish from Wakayama Prefecture, fish from across Japan is also featured here. We recommend the sea urchin and salmon roe from Hokkaido.

Dried Seafood Ebisuya

Along with Wakayama Prefecture’s famous dried fish, we also have homemade dishes and other unique seafood dishes, that have been carefully selected and displayed from one end to another by the storekeeper.

Kishuya Hamatoku

We sell a wide variety of Wakayama specialties such as pickled plums, soy sauce, and local sake.

Tensuiya Sake Shop

This is a popular liquor store that offers tastings of a wide variety of plum wine and shochu, and sells them by weight. Please come and visit us.

1st floor food court



Fresh seafood barbecue and other meals can be enjoyed by selecting from our wide variety of seafood, meats and vegetables at the Kuroshio market. Enjoying your barbecue with a beer on the seaside terrace is superb.


Tuna Sushi

Savour sushi made from a fresh whole tuna, which is dynamically prepared in front of the guests.
Our famous fatty tuna sushi is something very special.



The most filling, hearty-sized sushi is made from our selection of local to seasonal fish. Creative sushi dishes, a Katsutomi specialty, are also popular.



You are sure to enjoy our wide variety of rice bowls, with fresh seasonal seafood such as sea urchin, salmon roe and more.



Akebono is a well-known noodle shop at the Kuroshio market. Please try this excellent noodle, made with fresh ingredients from Kuroshio Market. The menu consists of various selected noodles including Udon topped with a big piece of shrimp tempura and Wakayama’s Ramen.


Fried Food

The best fried dishes are sold right here. A lot of fresh seafood from Kuroshio market is freshly deep fried, with mouth-watering tastes that will knock you off your feet. Our generously-sized portions of fired dishes are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

2nd floor restaurant


Japanese Cuisine

Savour delicious sushi is freshly prepared from a fresh whole tuna. Thanks to it’s melt-in-the-mouth texture, our famous fatty tuna sushi is one of a kind. Fresh seafood rice bowls or combination meals with seafood can be enjoyed at our Japanese restaurant.

Hall map

  • 1st floor Product sales corner
  1. (1) Tuna Cutting Show

  2. (2) Maguro Daikaiya

  3. (3) Mifune Suisan

  4. (4) Iwanami Fresh Fish Shop

  5. (5) Ebisuya

  6. (6) Kishuya Hamatoku

  7. (7) Tensuiya Sake Shop

  • 1st floor food court
  1. (1) Barbecue

  2. (2) Tuna Sushi

  3. (3) Sushi

  4. (4) Donburi

  5. (5) Noodles

  6. (6) Fried Food

  • 2nd floor restaurant
  1. (1) Japanese Cuisin