Porto Europa

Porto Europa (Attractions)

Thrilling and Dynamic Attractions

  • High-Diving


    Take an exhilarating, 22-meter plunge into the splashing, super-fast stream below! A water ride that is sure to inspire screams of excitement!
    Fee: 800 yen

  • The Twin Dragon

    The Twin Dragon

    Bon voyage on the Twin Dragon gondola! This attraction will make you feel as though you are being launched up into the air!
    Fee: 600 yen

  • Wave Swinger

    Wave Swinger

    The swings hang from a central column which rotates at high speed and will lift you up to 12 meters into the air. Enjoy the fresh air and some high-speed thrills at the same time!
    Fee: 600 yen

  • Astro Space Fighter

    Astro Space Fighter

    A two-seater spacecraft with swirling up / down movement and high-speed rotation!
    Fee: 500 yen

Amusement attractions for both children and adults to enjoy

  • Pinestar


    A pineapple-shaped tropical roller coaster which runs through the jungle and past waterfalls.
    Fee: 700 yen

  • Honey Hatch

    Honey Hatch

    Ride on the back of a cute animated character which rhythmically hops and bounces around the honey pot.
    Fee: 500 yen

  • Merry-Go-Round


    This is a fantasy ride with horses and carriages that have come straight out of the world of fairy tales.
    Fee: 500 yen.

  • Cafe Cinnamon

    Cafe Cinnamon

    Climb into the giant teacup of the popular character “Cinnamon”, and twirl around the stage.
    Fee 400 yen.

  • Arabian Merry

    Arabian Merry

    An attraction which is very popular among children. Let's get on the back of the elephant and go to the southern islands!
    Fee: 400 yen.

  • Animal Happy Sky

    Animal Happy Sky

    Climb aboard a cable car with animals to enjoy a gently-paced air walk.
    Fee: 500 yen.

  • Water Shot

    Water Shot

    Get on the jeep and shoot the animals with a water gun! This attraction is great fun with both parent and child.
    Fee: 400 yen.

  • Adventure Kids Land

    Adventure Kids Land

    This hands-on kid’s land is a great way for both parents and children to have fun by exercising! You can measure your vertical jump and check your punch and kick strength.
    Fee: 700 yen

  • Game Land “Bally”

    Game Land “Bally”

    A recreation spot with crane-game machines and many other games for families to enjoy!
    Free of charge.

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