Porto Europa

Porto Europa(Photo Spot)

Photo Spots Courtesy of the Beautiful Streets of Europe

You will find many attractive photo spots in Porto Europe, thanks to it’s full-scale reproduction of streets in France, Italy and Spain.
The photos taken within the beautiful scenery of Porto Europe will be a long-lasting memory.

Photo Spot ① The Water Fountain Square

This plaza is complemented by a water fountain, and is located in the center of Porto Europe.

Photo Spot ② Small Square

A small courtyard which evokes the charming back alleys and side streets of Italy.

Photo Spot ③ Stone Steps

This quaint little passageway makes for a perfect photo spot.

Photo Spot ④ The Slope

The gentle slope from the water fountain square will lead you to the castle.

Photo Spot ⑤ The Castle

The castle’s distinctive, castellated walls have been carefully replicated.


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